Seoul Marina Club & Yacht

1. Introduction to Seoul Marina Club & Yacht

Seoul Marina was established to provide high-quality water leisure culture and enhance the city's competitiveness by developing the city's tourism infrastructure.
Location 160, Yeouiseo-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Area 24,100㎡ (water area - 14,600㎡, land area - 9,500㎡)
Yacht Moorings Land - 30 yachts, water - 60 yachts
 Only one Tourist Helicopter Station in Seoul.
Club House B1F ~ 4F (restaurant, convention hall, banquet hall, K-pop studio etc.)
Call +82-2-3780-8456

2. ClubHouse

The Seoul Marina Club House consists of four levels of convention/restaurants and has auxiliary facilities such as outdoor deck and terrace.
1F - Specialized Restaurant

The first floor of the club house has a specialty restaurant and cafe. 
 2F - Convention hall
The second floor of the club house is operated by a large convention hall and is operated as a wedding,

a large seminar and a cultural concert hall.

 3F – K-pop Experience StudioThe third floor of the clubhouse is used as a state-of-the-art K-pop experience studio. As an auxiliary facility,

it is equipped with an outdoor terrace in Hangangview.
 4F - VIP LoungeThe fourth floor of the club house is a VIP lounge and is operated as a cafe and a party hall. 

The outdoor terrace of the National Assembly view is available for outdoor wedding and private parties. 


3. Yacht Club
The Seoul Marina yacht club, which can dock 90 yachts, is the largest yacht club in Seoul, with various yachts including sailboats, 
power yachts, partycruiser and catamaran yachts, and has a special club lounge.
You can experience a private yacht tour. 
The yacht tour on the Han River with Sunset will remain an unforgettable memory during the trip to Seoul. 
Please call me anytime for a yacht tour inquiry.

 Overseas CALL : + 8 2 - 2 - 3 7 8 0 - 8 4 0 0  (interpreter)

4. HeliTour
1. The Seoul Marina helicopter boarding area is the only one available for helicopter tours in Seoul. You can take a helicopter to any place you want, 
including Incheon International Airport, Jamsil, Paldang Dam, Nami Island, as well as tours over Yeouido and Han River.

 Overseas CALL : + 8 2 - 2 - 3 7 8 0 - 8 4 5 6  (interpreter)

5. K-pop performance class

There is another unique event in Seoul Marina. You can see the great performances of K-pop idols who are now active, and learn K-pop dance from them.
You can practice dancing with them and shoot a great music video.